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June 10, 2017

I’ve decided from now on when I do astrological analysis and forecasting about politics I will only forecast the “emotional weather”.

When I did the Australian Election in 2016 I forecast an ALP Shorten win. In the review of the astrological reading I wrote that the forecast could be considered correct because the reading was really a “Joy Meter” ie which of the candidates would feel joy at the final result. Looked at this way the astrological reading was spot on because Turnbull was miserable and Shorten was joyful at the result. However, given the way the voting system worked with preferences etc Turnbull’s LNP won.

So, my prediction was wrong. If I predicted who would be joyous, my prediction would have been correct.

The method I used with the Australian Election was based on the transits (planets passing over the birth chart) on the day of the election. Doing the Election forecast this way meant that I had two horoscopes to look at – Malcolm Turnbull’s and Bill Shorten’s.  These links give the transits and their readings leading up to 2 July, 2016 election.

When I did the UK Election in 2017 horoscope I thought I’d experiment and do a national UK – Britain chart with the transiting Election date planets.

In this case there was no comparison “Joy Meter” of the candidates because I didn’t do Therese May’s or Jeremy Corbyn’s horoscopes. I just did the national chart. On Dec. 25, 1066 William the Conqueror was crowned King of England and this is the birth date of Britain I used. Click here for an interesting reading of this chart.

United Kingdom Horoscope

UK 1066

UK Election Transits over Britain’s Horoscope

UK Election June 8 2017 1066

And this is the tweet I sent before the start of the Election 2017.

Twitter UKElection Tweet for Blog


I said the chart showed a Labour win. I should have said the chart showed a disruptive, unexpected result – a Labour win or a Hung Parliament.

Here’s an explanation why:

The chart showed transiting Pluto moving through the 10th House making a conjunction with Natal Mercury  and Uranus making a soft conjunction with Britain’s Ascendant. Many of you reading this would read those words and say in a polite way – “WTF?”

I’ll try to explain.

Transiting Pluto

Tranist Pluto Britain Chart

Pluto takes about 247 years to orbit the Sun and spends about 20.6 years in each House. Transits from Pluto bring intense power struggles and transformation of an epic nature. They are considered very challenging with the promise of rebirth or renewal by going through a kind of death.

The 10th House – Corresponds to the president or prime minister, the chief executive, the government and the person representing the government as its head. This house rules the leadership and it reflects upon the nation’s status among other nations, its honour and recognition abroad, the nation’s influence in the world and world opinion of it. It rules the party in power.

Pluto is also conjunct Mercury.

Mercury signifies all forms of communication; newspapers, magazines, mail, speech, websites, blogs, all social media. Mercury governs intellectual trends and media events.

So putting the three together we have an incredibly intense transformation of the Government, a death and a rebirth of leadership. This same intense transformation is occurring in the media and communications in all its forms. This includes the influence of mainstream media. This transit shows that the Murdoch Press influence is dying in its influence and something else is taking its place – Social Media. The same transformation is happening with the peoples’ desire for a change in policy direction. Away from neoliberalism bull shit greed head policies to more socially inclusive policies.

Since Pluto stays in a House for just over 20 years and it is only half way through the house we can see that this transformation is only half way there. Indeed, Pluto will be conjunct the Sun in a few years which shows that there will be a complete change in Government and its policy direction. Perhaps this will be a throwing away of the old Thatcher neoliberalism policy stance and an embrace of a more human, inclusive democratic socialist policy stance. Yes, a Labour Government in full power.

If there is another election in 4 years time, 2021 the chart shows this is a real possibility.


Transiting Uranus

Tranist Uranus Britain Chart

Uranus takes about 84 years to orbit the Sun and spends about 7 years in each House. Transits from Uranus bring extreme disruption and changes to the houses and the planets it touches.

1st House – Corresponds to the country and its people, the masses, the outlook of the nation, its attitude as a unit, the strength and vitality of the country as a whole, national traits and habits. This house represents those being governed, the nation or group as a whole. The sign on the cusp and planets within represent outlook, image and characteristics. The First House concerns include domestic and interior affairs, general conditions, the health and well-being of the tax paying citizens, opinions, public consciousness and psychology of the masses.

Having Uranus in the first House signifies a disruption in the peoples’ attitude, consciousness and stance towards the current Government.

Both the 1st House and 10th House are Angular Houses and in astrology the four Angular Houses (1st, 7th, 10th and 4th) are considered to be the most sensitive points of a chart.

To have Pluto in the 10th House and Uranus in the 1st House means a big change was afoot.

For the above reasons I made my forecast that there will be a change of Government and thus a Labour win. However, currently it is a hung parliament and Conservatives may make Government with Northern Ireland DUP. This is why I said at the start I should have said the Election result will disrupt the status quo not necessarily a Labour win.

Star Code Reading > Bill Shorten & 2 July, 2016 Election

March 9, 2016

Australia Votes on  2 July, 2016.

What are the planetary configurations for both Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull for that day?

This post is about Bill Shorten. My conclusions here are also based on what I’ve read in Malcolm Turnbull’s chart. When I did the Abbott readings I was lucky in that I also had his Time of Birth. With both Shorten and Turnbull there is no record of their Times of Birth. This means that one of the most significant signs in reading Astrological Charts – the “Angles” is missing.  This reading thus has crucial data missing but one must work with what one has. Even without that data, it is possible to get a “weather” forecast in the fog of the present 🙂  Please see Australia’s Chart for more details regarding Time of Birth.

I will take the planets as passing over Canberra at 6 PM because that’s when most voting booths close in East Coast of Australia. We would be looking at about 85% of Australia’s population.

It’s important that we also look at what the planetary patterns are just leading up to that date.

This is not the place to argue the case for this ancient Art. If you are interested in how I perceive Astrology please click on these links on my blog.

Astrology is not science – it’s an Art. It uses astronomical data to alchemise meaning. It is a symbolic/mythic dowsing tool on dry number landscape. It sees quality in quantity informed by symbolism & mythology. In other words, it is a poetic interpretation of the Heavens above, a type of symbolic imagination in action.

Predicting Election Results with Astrology

Guerilla Ontology

An Experiment With Astrology and the I Ching 


An Astrological Turning 

Here are two articles by Geoffrey Cornelius that point to a way I look at Astrology Practice “Astrology as Divination” and “Is Astrology Divination and Does it Matter?”

I also “play” with the I Ching which informs the way I “play” with Astrology as divination.

I recommend if you want to know more about astrological symbolism as used here visit Wikipedia’s Horoscope .

By the Way >> if my prediction is wrong, blame it on my reading, not the stars.

This reading is based on just one technique of Astrological forecasting – reading transits. I will also look at other methods to see if there is a congruence of readings.


Bill Shorten photo Canberra 2 July 2016

Aust PMs Fire Earth

It’s interesting that the planets affecting Bill’s life and destiny before July 2 are the same planets on 2 July, the election date. The reason this is so is because Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto have long periods of orbit and thus their effects are  felt for a longer period of time.

This means that what we see now in March planet positions are the germinating seeds that will blossom on July 2, 2016.

The dates below are when the angles between the planets are EXACT. As the angle is approached the influence is stronger than after it is exact ie the period BEFORE the EXACT is stronger than AFTER the EXACT.

Please see Aspects and Angles, Orbs and Waxing/Waning for an explanation of how this works in Astrology in Australia’s Chart by clicking here.

7 March – 31 May, 2016 >> Pluto trine (120 degrees) Natal Pluto 

A great planetary pattern forming is Pluto making a positive angle (trine) with Bill’s natal Pluto. This shows there is much progress in his life and  he has the ability to be flexible and incorporate change smoothly and successfully towards his goal and aim – to defeat Turnbull.

Bill has the resources to make the needed changes and the power to adapt embracing new needs. His past behaviour that held him captive will be discarded, paving the way to success.

10 March – 7 July, 2016 >> Jupiter conjunct (0 degrees) Pluto

With Pluto and Bill’s natal Pluto pattern, another great transit that only occurs once every 12 years is also occurring. Jupiter over the top of Pluto is very significant in Bill’s chart. This shows the dominant issue confronting him is the use or abuse of power. It also shows a great push towards reaching his goals. He feels as if he can move mountains in order to achieve his aims. He’s in a very good place inwardly and feels more compelled than usual to strive for success and take down Turnbull. This feeling and the events that crystallise around him now are the fruits and culmination of long term efforts. These fruits are the rewards of the discipline shown in ALP since last election.

As with anything that has to do with Pluto power, it is crucial that Bill uses this burst in a positive manner and not to manipulate others in games of one-up-manship. This power blast can be overwhelming if not handled correctly. These Pluto effects are very Karmic in nature and thus Bill must be aware of what he is sowing because he will definitely reap it.

Bill will rise to  perceived power and will carry Labor over into a more confident space to take on Turnbull and the LNP over the next few months. This period of time is very positive for Labor to announce more policies that will differentiate itself from the Liberals.

Check this Age article: 13 March, 2016 “I can win” Bill Shorten

Quote in Age Shorten 12 March 2016 with border

Guardian Article: 18 March, 2016

A shift in political thinking is giving Labor a sense of purpose

Twitter Shorten lenore taylor alp confidence with border

Saturday Paper:  19 March, 2016


Twitter Shorten reamaking saturday

Roy Morgan Poll: 21 March, 2016 

ALP & L-NP now too close to call as electors react to Government forcing Senate voting changes last week as Turnbull today recalls Parliament in April for Double Dissolution Election showdown


Twitter Morgan Poll twitter

ReachTel Poll: 22 march, 2016


Twitter reachtel poll 22 March

23 March, 2016 >> Saturn sextile (60 degrees) Mars

This is a good time for Bill to direct his energies toward planning and policy development making announcements slowly and thoroughly. This will ensure whatever new policies Labor undertakes will be more likely to succeed.

Bill has a practical and reasonable attitude which can help ALP achieve its goals more easily. It would be a good idea for Bill and Labor to join forces with other groups like Greens and Independents for particular issues against Turnbull and the LNP.

Bill has remarkable endurance now and he can work long and hard to bring ALP ideas to fruition. He is not in the mood to give up and will be very thorough. Saturn brings a more disciplined ambience to his work. He will appear more conservative than at other times but the discipline that ensues from this transit will accomplish much. This will be achieved by the discipline ALP demonstrates under Bill’s leadership and not by mere luck.

During this time it is crucial the projects undertaken be done with great attention to detail and with patience. Mainstream  media will be hunting to try and find any hole or contradiction in Labor policy announcements.

Morgan Poll 28 March, 2016 http://www.roymorgan.com/morganpoll

Morgan Poll 28 March 2016


6 April, 2016 and returning 28 April, 2016 >> Mars trine (120 degrees) Saturn

Now is the time to concentrate on tackling the most difficult jobs. Australian people may reward the discipline and accomplishment in favourable polls.

April 4, 2016 The Australian >> Coalition 49 ALP 51

Turnbull losing 2 Shorten NewsPoll 4 April

April 4, 2016 Herald Sun Turnbull a Dud 

Turnbull dud Herald Sun 4 April

April 5, 2016 The Monthly

Twitter Monthly Shorten Could Win

April 15, 2016 Sydney Morning Herald  Even the Stars Line Up for Shorten

Twitter waleed stars

April 17 – 18, 2016  >> Mercury  Trine (120 degrees) Pluto

There is greater depth to Bill’s statements. He will be asking very penetrating questions of others and will not be satisfied with superficial answers by LNP. This is an excellent time to start an investigation into a complex  issue. He may revisit some lost policy positions of old Labor.

April 17 – 18, 2016  >>  Sun Square (90 degrees) Jupiter

He is optimistic and possibly extravagant now, less cautious than usual, feeling that nothing can possibly go wrong.

He will also aim higher than usual  – maybe a policy position that will surprise because of its boldness. This planetary pattern also points to possibility of a very promising opportunity occurring.

April 18, 2016 – May 31, 2016 >>  Pluto trine (120 degrees) Pluto 

This pattern read earlier on March 7 & will build up strength until May 31 – emphasised again.

A great planetary pattern forming is Pluto making a positive angle (trine) with Bill’s natal Pluto. This shows there is much progress in his life and  he has the ability to be flexible and incorporate change smoothly and successfully towards his goal and aim – to defeat Turnbull.

Bill has the resources to make the needed changes and the power to adapt embracing new needs. His past behaviour that held him captive will be discarded, paving the way to success.

April 19, 2016 to April 22, 2016 >>  Mercury  Conjunction (0 degrees) Sun

Bill’s communication skills are excellent and he makes himself perfectly clear at this time. He is coming across in a very direct, articulate manner. His honesty and
willingness to communicate openly impresses people – even mainstream media! This is a good time for him to give a speech, present his ideas and broad ALP vision.

This planetary pattern is ideal for the Leader of the Opposition because it allows for a fruitful communication to the Australian people of complex ideas and policies in a forthright manner.

April 20, 2016  to April 21, 2016 >> Mercury  Trine (120 degrees) Uranus

Bill will experience sudden insights, make discoveries, come up with fresh solutions to old problems, and seek alternatives to the usual routine way of doing things.

His mental processes are speeded up and he can move more quickly now. Must try to make room for a lot of spontaneity and flexibility in his schedule at this time.


April 20, 2016 to April 23, 2016 >>  Mercury Conjunction (0 degrees) Mercury

Again this aspect of Mercury making a direct connection with his natal Mercury  heightens his ability to comprehend and articulate new concepts, his mental sharpness and clarity. It also gives the power to  verbalize and articulate  ideas very well at this time.

Bill’s intellectual curiosity is also high. This is an excellent time to make plans
and strategies to destroy LNP’s chances and win the election.

April 24, 2016 to May 4, 2016 >>  Mercury Opposite (180 degrees) Neptune

This pattern culminates on Anzac Day (April 25) and whilst the earlier patterns show great communication prowess and clarity in his mental processes, this pattern is  one of the least favourable times to make decisions as his communication with others is likely to be fraught with misunderstanding or even unconscious deception.

His thinking is rather fuzzy now and he is more gullible or swayed by feelings, images, and ideals rather than seeing situations and people as they are.

However, like a musical chord, the vibrations of this pattern may be subsumed within the broader tune being played out. Sometimes a little disharmony adds much needed tension to ensure an anticipated outcome.

It is interesting that both Bill and Turnbull have Neptune in a prominant place in their natal charts. Turnbull has Neptune conjunct (0 degrees) Sun, while Bill has Neptune opposite (180 degrees) his Sun.

April 27, 2016 >>  Mars Trine (120 degrees) Saturn

Rather than repeat what I wrote earlier with this pattern please see March 31, 2016 to May 3, 2016. 

It is repeated here because of the movement of Mars. It shows that the planetary inluence mentioned earlier is revved up again here at this time.


5 May, 2016 and returning 13 May, 2016 >> Jupiter square (90 degrees) Moon

Although this angle, square – 90 degrees is usually considered to be times of difficulty, with Jupiter the results are usually very favourable. Bill’s emotions will be emphasised during this transit, and he will seek to establish strong relationships with others. He will be particularly patient and sympathetic toward other peoples’ problems now, and will probably help others more freely at this time. He will be protective of his “comrades” and will feel a strong solidarity with his ALP colleagues.

Bill will feel strongly at this time the injustices of the LNP perspective and policies.We may witness a sense of moral outrage when he sees some person or a group of people being treated unfairly. He will have little tolerance for such injustices now and he will be prone to becoming very emotional about them. However, he must be careful not to become self-righteous and narrow minded. He has to not appear bitter towards the conservative right wing creeps who are perpetrating these injustices. The reason being, that Murdoch’s NewsCorpse will use this “bitterness” and anger against him.

2 June, 2016 >> Mars trine (120 degrees) Jupiter

There may be some positive news and rewards for past good works in the Union movement. The policy and announcements are progressing smoothly. All is good.

30 June, 2016 >> Pluto square (90 degrees) Mars

 This is another once-in-a lifetime transit that is intensely powerful. Like all Pluto transits, the greatest difficulty is that there are power games at play. You can’t beat an Election as an expression of Power. This transit is expressing the tension that is present in such an event and how it manifests in Bill’s life. There will be altercations, fights and general heavy vibes  testing his ego and others in his presence. There could also be a disruption beyond his control.

Bill’s drive to succeed is incredibly strong now and he is likely to gain the Prime Ministership. However, he must be careful that he does not step on the backs of others to reach his goals because these gains may not last long as Karma will turn them like a boomerang against him.

Luckily for Bill the tremendous urges to transform this transit brings are being directed to a worthy cause that will benefit our country – the ousting of the Conservative Liberal National Party and putting the Australian Labor Party in power again.

21 June, 2016   Canberra Times

Election 2016: You’ve been told Labor can’t win – but they can. The evidence was there all along

Twitter Blog shorten can win

23 June, 2016 >> ReachTEL Polls have large swings to Labor in NSW Marginal Seats

Twitter Reachtel 20 June alp win

8 July, 2016 Jupiter conjunct (0 degrees) Pluto

This is about a week after the July 2 Election but we see that this transit is exact again. This shows that Bill will carry Labor  into power.


This reading is based on just one technique of Astrological forecasting – reading transits. I will also look at other methods to see if there is a congruence of readings.

ALP has learnt its lessons from the Rudd – Gillard – Rudd period. It is solid, together and united in focus and purpose. Importantly it has a story, a narrative that is connected with an over arching theme – FAIRNESS. It is also positioning itself against the interests of the 1% and for the interests of the rest of us. Bill Shorten has kept the ALP united and has shown there is a difference between Labor and the conservative LNP.

Given the momentum and trajectory of energies displayed in Bill’s planetary patterns for an early election on 2 July, it looks like he will win.

 A Note on Timing Events

A principle that many people confuse is how synchronicity appears. Carl Jung coined this term to label experiences which may not be connected causally but are connected subjectively by being meaningful to the person.

With synchronicity the elements of experience which are connected subjectively show that correlation is not necessarily causation. So, just because skirt hems go up doesn’t mean that this causes stock prices to go up (Skirt Length Theory). This is just an interesting correlation.

 Celestial phenomena can be seen acting as signs rather than causes. Just as a clock on the wall is capable of telling you that it is 9:00 in the morning without actually being the cause or reason that it is 9:00,the planets may be similarly thought to be capable of giving signs of future events without necessarily being the reason that those events occur.

So with Astrology just because certain planetary patterns coincide with certain events does not mean that these planetary patterns cause the events!

Timing events in Astrology  seeks the time when certain planet orbits and angles between the planets happen. When certain angles eg conjunction (0 degrees between two planets), opposition (180 degrees) and squares (90 degrees) happen exactly then an event congruent with the planet may happen. This does NOT mean that this combination of planetary motion caused the event. It is a happy coincidence 🙂

The larger the orbits of the planets the longer the time which is covered in the reading. So, a Pluto / Jupiter angle can cover a very long period of time but a Moon / Mercury a very short time.

These readings have only looked at relatively long spans of time like months and weeks.  I may take a closer look later when we are sure about the election date with shorter time frames.

planets orbits time

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