AusVotes 2019 Chart 18 May, 2019 8.00AM Canberra, Australia.

April 14, 2019


This is a reading of the zeitgeist /social ambience of the day that Australians vote for their future government. A kind of snapshot of Australia’s “character” and the choices made by this “character”.

This election, I believe, is one of the most important in a generation. In many ways it reminds me of the time when Whitlam was elected all those years ago. We are at a crossroads, a fork in the road. The choice is clear – do we want a fair and just society where essential and affordable services are for EVERYONE or a society where individualism is rampant and where the “I’m alright Jack, so fuck you” attitude is dominant? Do we want ALP or  LNP to be our government?

We are in an environment full of Uranus technological communications with Social Media complementing and supplementing and at times replacing our mainstream media. In this amazing soup of information, commentary we also see that this election campaign is full of deep lies/delusions as the Neptune conjunct the MC shows.

If you want a quick answer as to what this Election’s “character” is I can say it is a caring, warm hearted one that’s not afraid of making big changes to ensure the health and well being of all Australians. It shows an ALP face and heart.

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With the many trines and other signatures pointing to a Labor win I will not be surprised if it will be a landslide win for Bill Shorten and Labor. 

Of course – I could be mistaken. Of course, I could be projecting my wishes onto the symbols. I accept those limitations and hope you read this as it’s meant to be taken –  thoughts of someone who cares for our beautiful country, star gazing with wonder and making calculated guesses.

For those not familiar with Astrological terms like aspects – conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposite just click here.

For those not familiar with Astrological term Houses just click here.

Venus Sextile Mars

Shows a warm heartedness and friendliness towards other people.
There is a protective instinct that leads to creating policies which make a safe and secure community for all.

Saturn Opposition Moon’s North Node

This shows that there will be a closer relationship between the generations than there was before. It points to a healing of the wealth/opportunity rift that arose during the dark days of the neolib financial establishment with its low taxes for the rich and negative gearing for the older superannuated while the younger generations lost out.

There is a sense of responsibility towards others, coupled with strong feelings of loyalty and duty.

Neptune Trine Moon’s North Node

There is a sensitivity here which reveals a capability to empathise with the disadvantaged and sense their needs. It points to a more compassionate government.

Pluto in Capricorn

This a generational placement of Pluto which shows the generation of people that will destroy and replace structures that have outlived their time and usefulness. We will see this in the efforts to alleviate Climate Change and the use of renewable energy along with electric vehicles. We will see a transformation of many systems (business, economic,political) that we have taken for granted regardless of who wins this election. However, with an ALP win this transformation will happen in a far more gentler way than with a conservative LNP government.

2nd House Cusp Ruler, Moon, in 6th House

The Moon in political astrology denotes the PEOPLE. So, in this context having the Moon in the sixth house means that employment rate will improve. It also shows that the peoples’ health will be looked after and this points to improvement of Medicare services for all Australians.

7th House Cusp Ruler, Jupiter, in 7th House

There will be a motivation within government to form relationships and unions with many diverse organisations that look after the welfare of the people. This will be an active seeking and initiating of new relationships perhaps prompted by technological innovations in communication.


What do the Stars Say? Australian Federal Election 2019 – Bill Shorten

March 6, 2019

The possible Election dates are 11 May, 18 May, 25 May and 1 June. So, just look at the dates of the transits (planets passing over the birth position of planets) to see what may eventuate. Since the day for election has not been called yet this reading will include ALL possible dates. I will only look at the transits relevant to Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison for the period between now 5 March and 17 June, 2019. If you are too impatient to read the whole post I can say that the stars are pointing to an ALP win regardless of which date. However, you may find it interesting to see what the stars are showing week by week & to see if the schedule below is close to what happens day by day 🙂

A NOTE about Timing – The dates given are the times when planets are either approaching or moving away from the positions of same at time of birth. Whilst the astronomical data is exact the timing of aspect influence on peoples’ behaviour is NOT – so please make an allowance for this. With weather forecasting it is well known that the further away the time of forecast is the less accuracy there is of an exact time. This would be amplified many times with astrology. Though there may be discrepancies in the EXACT times the general vibe should be there.

Australia’s Chart with transits for all possible Election dates is HERE.

By the way – if you want to know what my approach is to this ancient art of Astrology just go here

Bill Shorten

6 March 2019 – Beyond 1 Aug 2019 Jupiter passing through his 6th House

For the whole period of Election Campaigning and during the Election Shorten has transiting Jupiter passing through his 6th House. This shows that his focus is on his relations with his coworkers ie his ALP team. For ALP this period is a wholesome and enjoyable time.

This vibe will be a constant backdrop to all the other transits which is very promising of an ALP win.

This is in complete contrast to Morrison’s transits in the 10th House.

Transiting Uranus is passing through Morrison’s 10th House

For the whole period of Election Campaign & during the Election he has the “expect anything” Uranus giving his political career path an erratic and changeable feeling. He will need to guard his reputation and his “leadership” mask / persona during this period, because any insensitive or inappropriate behaviour could backfire on him and cause possible embarrassment and failure to win the election.

This vibe will be a constant backdrop to all the other transits. Just this transit already shows LNP chances of winning the election don’t look good.

From 21 Feb 2019 to 18 Mar 2019

Transiting Saturn Trine (120 degrees) Natal Pluto

Bill is disciplined and focused. He is able to compromise in a constructive way. This transit shows he is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

On  5 March 2019 to 10 March Aspect is most powerful

Bill’s desire to bring about Labor ideals about social and political reform now is particularly pronounced. He will to take on the neolib trickle down ideology in an effective way during this week. Expect policy announcements that will demonstrate his social justice, fair go vision.

13/03/2019 Exact Transiting Mars trine Pluto:

Possibly some of Shorten’s hidden positive qualities will manifest. Perceptions of his abilities and what a Labor win will mean for Australians changes for the better.

17/03/2019 Exact Transiting Mars trine Uranus:

Outworn elements of Labor and aspects of Shorten’s image are replaced by exciting new facets. There will be a feeling that the extraordinary can be accomplished. Lots of positive vibes.

17/03/2019 Exact Mars conjunct Sun:

Energy is especially high. Much can be accomplished if Shorten’s ego energies don’t get out of hand.

17/03/2019 Exact Mars conjunct Mercury:

Shorten may have tendency to speak with conviction which could develop into a sharp tongue if challenged. There is a risk in travel.

From 23 Mar 2019 to 7 Jun 2019

Transiting Saturn Trine (120 degrees) Natal Uranus :

Shorten has a healthy sense of responsibility and is open to new ideas. Whereas before he may have had obstacles to implement his vision he now feels that breakthroughs are imminent.

24/03/2019 Exact Mars conjunct Ascendant :

Shorten should keep a watchful eye on how he comes across to others for the next couple of days, since he now has considerable personal energy and confidence.  He does not want to lose control of his energy or offend others as he goes after an ALP win.

From 28 Mar 2019 to 2 Jun 2019

Transiting Saturn Trine (120 degrees) Natal Sun

Shorten is purposeful and capable of achieving his goals. It points to him becoming Prime Minister. Tasks which may have seemed difficult in the past can now be tackled in a step by step way with patience and courage.

29/03/2019  Exact Mars sextile Jupiter:

ALP is seen to be working as a well oiled machine, cooperation and team efforts progress smoothly. There is a lively enthusiasm within the ALP which boosts confidence.

4/04/2019 Exact Pluto sextile Neptune:

This transit occurs once in a lifetime and is a time of spiritual awakening and exploration. During this time people gain a greater understanding of the “swinging door” nature of life and death. It is very likely that Shorten will encounter the issue of death in his life during this time, although not necessarily because of any danger to him. Whatever the reason, Shorten will feel a need to explore the question of life after death.

7/04/2019  Exact Mars square Midheaven:

Shorten may have aggressive energy on this day that can get him into conflict with others. He should pay attention to the way he appears in the media.

From 8 Apr 2019 to 26 May 2019 ( Exact 30 Apr 2019)

Transiting Saturn Trine (120 degrees) Natal Mercury

Shorten’s mental perception is sharp & clear during this transit, enabling him to embrace new ideas and projects knowing he will succeed. He will have a realistic outlook on what can be achieved because he may well be Prime Minister if election held before 1 June.

11/04/2019 Exact Uranus sextile Venus:

This transit occurs only twice in each 84-year cycle of Uranus.

Unexpected business / policy / program opportunities may arise now. This is a good time to explore original ideas especially if they involve areas ruled by Venus (such as entertainment, the arts, music) or Uranus (science, high tech, internet, space exploration). We may see some new policy announcements around this time in those areas.

13/04/2019 Exact Mars sextile Saturn:

Election campaign is running smoothly. Energy is sustained in co-operative efforts by the whole ALP working closely with people on the ground in local communities. Even Business and Industry interests seem supportive. Shorten and ALP just have to take care of details.

17/04/2019  Exact Saturn trine Uranus:

This transit occurs twice in every 28- to 30-year cycle of Saturn, so we may experience it several times in our lifetime. It provides of sense of structure and the open-mindedness to try out new ideas.  At this time we can view life as being exciting rather than challenging. So, Shorten is having an exciting time!

Shorten has the patience required to plan carefully yet he is excited by the unexplored pathways before him- the pathways that may appear when he is Prime Minister. If he can successfully blend the two energies – patience and enthusiasm, he will be rewarded big time.

People will respect and admire him for his innovative ideas and his ability to persevere and achieve results.

22/04/2019  Exact Saturn trine Sun:

Saturn only trines Sun twice in its 28- to 30-year cycle.

Everything is going more smoothly than at other times. Shorten is able to plan ahead and together with his team, take care of all the minute details necessary to ensure success.  Now is a time for getting a great deal of work done, and ALP will make great progress with comparatively little effort in winning over people.

25/04/2019  Exact Mars trine Mars:

Energies blend with the tasks at hand. There is considerable constructive force available. Shorten’s and ALP confidence soars.

28/04/2019  Exact Mars square Pluto:

This combination can be dangerous to the election campaign. Shorten must avoid possible angry scenes. Though this aspect can be seen as limiting the chances of winning, because of the momentum built up and if Shorten can avoid any ugly angry situations, ALP should be able to survive it.

29/04/2019 Uranus is in the 12th House:

Uranus is in the 12th house now. What is buried, hidden or secret could manifest without warning. Enemies or a past scandal may surface.

1/05/2019  Exact Mars square Uranus:

Expect the unexpected. Anything can happen but looking at the TOTAL picture if Election is held on 1 May, ALP will win but it may be a cliffhanger.

8/05/2019 Exact (This aspect happened on 22 April as well) Saturn trine Sun:

Everything is going more smoothly than at other times. Shorten is able to plan ahead and together with his team, take care of all the minute details necessary to ensure success.  Now is a time for getting a great deal of work done, and ALP will make great progress with comparatively little effort in winning over people.

12/05/2019 Exact (This aspect happened on 17 April) Saturn trine Uranus:

This transit occurs twice in every 28- to 30-year cycle of Saturn, so we may experience it several times in our lifetime. It provides of sense of structure and the open-mindedness to try out new ideas.  At this time we can view life as being exciting rather than challenging. So, Shorten is having an exciting time!

Shorten has the patience required to plan carefully yet he is excited by the unexplored pathways before him- the pathways that may appear when he is Prime Minister. If he can successfully blend the two energies – patience and enthusiasm, he will be rewarded big time.

People will respect and admire him for his innovative ideas and his ability to persevere and achieve results.

14/05/2019 Exact (This aspect happened on 4 April) Pluto sextile Neptune:

This transit occurs once in a lifetime and is a time of spiritual awakening and exploration. During this time people gain a greater understanding of the “swinging door” nature of life and death. It is very likely that Shorten will encounter the issue of death in his life during this time, although not necessarily because of any danger to him. Whatever the reason, Shorten will feel a need to explore the question of life after death.

19/05/2019  Exact Mars conjunct Venus:

Creativity is strong. There may dancing in the street if Shorten wins on 18 May, 2019.

24/05/2019 Exact Mars trine Midheaven:

This transit brings self-confidence and if the election is held on 25 May it augers well for a Shorten win.

29/05/2019 Exact Mars square Saturn:

If election is on 1 June then Shorten must have patience and pay attention to details to prevent accidents and mistakes.

Jupiter square Uranus:

This transit is likely to manifest itself in one of two possible extremes – a change from Leader of the Opposition to Prime Minister or a loss. I think looking at the overall picture – it shows that Shorten won the Election on 1 June, 2019

5/06/2019 Exact Uranus sextile Midheaven:

This transit will occur only twice in each 84-year cycle of Uranus, so it will usually happen no more than once in a person’s lifetime. This transit in Shorten’s life a few days after 1 June (if the election was held then) or a few weeks after the other possible dates shows that he has changed his job to Prime Minister. It also shows that he will change his residence and look forward to a whole new life as Australia’s Prime Minister.

The transits over the next 2 weeks show a consolidation of the new position and life for Bill Shorten.

13/06/2019 Exact Mars sextile Pluto:

This transit shows tremendous energy in group activities. A change of Government will definitely require great energy and enthusiasm to bring about a new order.

17/06/2019  Exact Mars sextile Uranus:

This transit shows innovative actions and stimulating associations offering excitement because of the new government.

17/06/2019  Exact Mars sextile Sun:

Self confidence soars. Group projects and programs can be accomplished now.

Malcolm Turnbull’s Astro Trends 21 Aug to 29 Oct 2018

August 21, 2018

Inner Chart – Malcolm Turnbull,

Outer Chart – Position of Stars on 21 August, 2018

Astrologers need the birth time of a person to make accurate readings. I do not know Malcolm Turnbull’s time of birth so I just use 12.00 PM. This means that my readings do not take into account the Houses – the 12 segments you see in the above chart. I just look at the aspects which planets make with each other.

I sent the following through Twitter on 17 August. Today, Tuesday 21 August was the first Leadership spill. Turnbull was challenged by Peter Dutton.

“Uranus square Mars: 26/09/2018 3:22 AM, Exact

This transit has just started to influence Turnbull. By mid to end September it will be in full effect.

This transit only occurs twice in every 84 years. Turnbull feels oppressed and that he must break free no matter what the cost. He may act rashly or impulsively. If he does, he may have some shit fights with the other more conservative LNP pollies.

The real challenge of this transit is for Turnbull to gain more confidence in his policy stance against the conservative forces.

It is necessary that he asserts himself now, and to do so without him becoming aggressive. This transit may make Turnbull open his mouth in anger, so if he wants to remain Leader he better be careful with what he says and HOW he says it. This transit will bring many upsetting surprises to deal with.

Turnbull has to assert himself, he just has to be careful to do so with discretion now. Otherwise, the Abbott / Dutton followers may decide to “knock the chip off his shoulder,” and he will have a full-scale war on his hands.”

Notice that the culmination of this transit is 26 September, 2018. What we are witnessing now is the beginnings of this influence.

Looking at the other planetary aspects we find that Turnbull’s position doesn’t improve. In fact we find that October is going to have even more impact on Turnbull’s leadership.

On 12 October we have Mars squaring Turnbull’s Saturn. This is when the planets make an exact 90 degree angle to each other. So, Mars started its squaring earlier following on from the exact 90 degree square of Uranus on his Mars.

Mars square Saturn: 12/10/2018 5:49 AM, Exact

 Turnbull will feel incredible frustration and anger which may lead to the desire to smash something. He won’t but his anger will be palpable.

Mars square Mercury: 16/10/2018 2:14 AM, Exact

 Turnbull may start using his acid barrister way of speaking as a weapon if the frustration escalates rather than breaking something. We may witness this in the media.

Jupiter square Pluto: 23/10/2018 1:57 PM, Exact

   If another spill hasn’t happened yet, then it will by now. There could be LNP members lining up to throw mud at Turnbull and willing to expose all sorts of crap about his leadership style and other secrets just to destroy his leadership.

People will be expecting Turnbull to make a stand about his real beliefs and convictions. So, he will be forced to do so. He has to try not to come across as arrogant and express a “holier than thou” attitude when it comes to climate change.

Jupiter trine Uranus: 29/10/2018 1:34 AM, Exact

 There is now some respite from all these troubles and heavy transits.

This may signify the peace and the opportunities Turnbull will have when he leaves politics.


Emotional Weather Forecasting – Political Astrology

June 10, 2017

I’ve decided from now on when I do astrological analysis and forecasting about politics I will only forecast the “emotional weather”.

When I did the Australian Election in 2016 I forecast an ALP Shorten win. In the review of the astrological reading I wrote that the forecast could be considered correct because the reading was really a “Joy Meter” ie which of the candidates would feel joy at the final result. Looked at this way the astrological reading was spot on because Turnbull was miserable and Shorten was joyful at the result. However, given the way the voting system worked with preferences etc Turnbull’s LNP won.

So, my prediction was wrong. If I predicted who would be joyous, my prediction would have been correct.

The method I used with the Australian Election was based on the transits (planets passing over the birth chart) on the day of the election. Doing the Election forecast this way meant that I had two horoscopes to look at – Malcolm Turnbull’s and Bill Shorten’s.  These links give the transits and their readings leading up to 2 July, 2016 election.

When I did the UK Election in 2017 horoscope I thought I’d experiment and do a national UK – Britain chart with the transiting Election date planets.

In this case there was no comparison “Joy Meter” of the candidates because I didn’t do Therese May’s or Jeremy Corbyn’s horoscopes. I just did the national chart. On Dec. 25, 1066 William the Conqueror was crowned King of England and this is the birth date of Britain I used. Click here for an interesting reading of this chart.

United Kingdom Horoscope

UK 1066

UK Election Transits over Britain’s Horoscope

UK Election June 8 2017 1066

And this is the tweet I sent before the start of the Election 2017.

Twitter UKElection Tweet for Blog


I said the chart showed a Labour win. I should have said the chart showed a disruptive, unexpected result – a Labour win or a Hung Parliament.

Here’s an explanation why:

The chart showed transiting Pluto moving through the 10th House making a conjunction with Natal Mercury  and Uranus making a soft conjunction with Britain’s Ascendant. Many of you reading this would read those words and say in a polite way – “WTF?”

I’ll try to explain.

Transiting Pluto

Tranist Pluto Britain Chart

Pluto takes about 247 years to orbit the Sun and spends about 20.6 years in each House. Transits from Pluto bring intense power struggles and transformation of an epic nature. They are considered very challenging with the promise of rebirth or renewal by going through a kind of death.

The 10th House – Corresponds to the president or prime minister, the chief executive, the government and the person representing the government as its head. This house rules the leadership and it reflects upon the nation’s status among other nations, its honour and recognition abroad, the nation’s influence in the world and world opinion of it. It rules the party in power.

Pluto is also conjunct Mercury.

Mercury signifies all forms of communication; newspapers, magazines, mail, speech, websites, blogs, all social media. Mercury governs intellectual trends and media events.

So putting the three together we have an incredibly intense transformation of the Government, a death and a rebirth of leadership. This same intense transformation is occurring in the media and communications in all its forms. This includes the influence of mainstream media. This transit shows that the Murdoch Press influence is dying in its influence and something else is taking its place – Social Media. The same transformation is happening with the peoples’ desire for a change in policy direction. Away from neoliberalism bull shit greed head policies to more socially inclusive policies.

Since Pluto stays in a House for just over 20 years and it is only half way through the house we can see that this transformation is only half way there. Indeed, Pluto will be conjunct the Sun in a few years which shows that there will be a complete change in Government and its policy direction. Perhaps this will be a throwing away of the old Thatcher neoliberalism policy stance and an embrace of a more human, inclusive democratic socialist policy stance. Yes, a Labour Government in full power.

If there is another election in 4 years time, 2021 the chart shows this is a real possibility.


Transiting Uranus

Tranist Uranus Britain Chart

Uranus takes about 84 years to orbit the Sun and spends about 7 years in each House. Transits from Uranus bring extreme disruption and changes to the houses and the planets it touches.

1st House – Corresponds to the country and its people, the masses, the outlook of the nation, its attitude as a unit, the strength and vitality of the country as a whole, national traits and habits. This house represents those being governed, the nation or group as a whole. The sign on the cusp and planets within represent outlook, image and characteristics. The First House concerns include domestic and interior affairs, general conditions, the health and well-being of the tax paying citizens, opinions, public consciousness and psychology of the masses.

Having Uranus in the first House signifies a disruption in the peoples’ attitude, consciousness and stance towards the current Government.

Both the 1st House and 10th House are Angular Houses and in astrology the four Angular Houses (1st, 7th, 10th and 4th) are considered to be the most sensitive points of a chart.

To have Pluto in the 10th House and Uranus in the 1st House means a big change was afoot.

For the above reasons I made my forecast that there will be a change of Government and thus a Labour win. However, currently it is a hung parliament and Conservatives may make Government with Northern Ireland DUP. This is why I said at the start I should have said the Election result will disrupt the status quo not necessarily a Labour win.

Review of Astrological Readings #Election2016

July 11, 2016

Well, it’s taken just over a week for the result to be clear that Malcolm Turnbull won the election. I predicted a Bill Shorten win and I was wrong. I also said that if the result differed from my forecast that people should not blame the Stars but look at my interpretation.

Now is the right time to explain the rationale of my astrological method and I hope when I do you will see the method did produce a correct result, it’s just that I ticked a wrong box.

Using transits as an astrological method of prediction is very old- at least 5,000 years. It is simply seeing where the planets are at a future date from the date and time of birth and looking at these positions together. The birth chart is the blue print of the life and as the planets and stars move across the skies they move over the original blueprint of the life. The positions of these heavenly bodies apart from making angles to each others’ current position also make angles to their original birth position. Thus we have a double chart with the person’s birth chart in the centre and the passing transit planets the outer chart. As we see here:

Turnbull Canberra 2 July 2016 with abbott turnbull face

Bill Shorten photo Canberra 2 July 2016

In the 20th Century, Astrology took on a humanistic approach influenced by psychological theories, especially Carl Jung. Astrological effects, from this perspective, were inner, psychological influences and experiences. Gone were the more ancient concepts of “Good and Bad Stars”, of Stars determining an individual’s Fate. So, “Bad” became “challenging” and “Good” became “harmonious” for the inner world of the individual ie their psychological state.

Looking at and analysing transits from this psychological perspective means that we are looking at the influence of the planets on the inner psychological state of the individual. So “Good” transits will give good, positive emotional experiences and “Bad” transits will give bad, negative emotional experiences. Obviously within this duality of “Good and Bad” there’s a spectrum and within this spectrum there are nuanced interpretations. This is where the Angles and the Orbs come in to assist in reading the nuanced spectrum of emotional experience.

I took the simple formula that if an individual experiences good, positive emotional vibes then the outer world the individual is immersed in will also be positive. So, my simple formula meant that if Bill Shorten or Malcolm Turnbull experienced positive transits then these positive planetary positions signalled a win and vice versa.

The astrological readings of the Election 2016 (written about 3 months before the election) showed that Bill Shorten will experience progressively positive emotional states and that he would grow in confidence until the election and beyond. This is why I called a win for ALP. Conversely, the readings showed that Turnbull was in trouble emotionally and thus he would lose.

What is also interesting about these readings is that at the time of publishing everybody was writing Bill Shorten off. Malcolm Turnbull’s popularity was fading but no mainstream media journalist could see the possibility of an ALP win. The astrological readings here did.

If we look at what happened on 2 July, 2016 – Election Day, psychologically, Bill Shorten was ecstatic and Malcolm Turnbull was not a very happy man.

This is why I said at the beginning of this post that the reading was correct, it was just that I ticked the wrong box because I had the wrong question. If the question was – who would be the happiest on 2 July, 2016, and I answered Bill Shorten, there would be no question about the correctness of my reading.

However, I didn’t answer that question. I answered who would win the election and I was wrong.

I also tried an experimental reading a few days before the election because I and others wanted something a bit more current than the readings I made three months before. As we all know, the planets move at their own inexorable pace and the only way I could think of giving us another more current view was to do something different. I decided that since the election would affect our country, Australia, perhaps a transit analysis of Australia on Election day would give us an insight.

Some people are surprised that a country can have an astrological chart too. The reality is that ANYTHING that has a beginning or a birth can have a chart. There are stock market traders who use astrology to trade companies and corporations who use the birth of the company as its horoscope! Many Forex traders take note of the day to day transits over Foreign Exchanges – like London, New York ,Sydney and Tokyo. People would be surprised to learn that many Asian businesses and stock market traders use their own native methods of Astrology to assist their projections and investment strategies.

Events also have a birth and I have used this for the Cultural Stomp 1997, Woomera 2002, Baxter 2003 and the Flotillas of Hope 2004. I have also used it for some important TAFE projects I managed. Mind you, I never told anyone who worked with me at TAFE I did this because I knew they’d think I was crazy. Not bragging here, but I won National and State TAFE Quality Awards for different projects I initiated and coordinated that had astrological support. The astrological readings of these gave me insights I could never get from any other source and the confidence to push ahead and be immersed in the events. Astrology also gave me the appropriate time  to leave TAFE and start on another journey in my life.

Coming back to Australia and its horoscope – I read the transits of the Election Day and I saw that the Election would be very close and a result delayed for quite a while. I did the reading on 30 June, 2016 and that is exactly what happened. Indeed, it took over a week for Bill Shorten to concede defeat and we still don’t know the final result yet as of today, 10 July, 2016.

Election Bi Chart Canberra transit with Australia

I found doing Australia’s Chart an interesting challenge because I couldn’t empathise in a “psychological” way as I did with Shorten and Turnbull because I was dealing with a country. I had to refocus my “imagining” and surprisingly it took an engine like imaging where the planetary forces became “brake and accelerator” like. It is difficult to describe but I will just say it was an energetic reading whereas the Shorten/Turnbull readings were psychological.

Some have asked me to continue my astrological readings given the current state of play in Australia’s governance. If I do I will have to work out how to read the Senate and its relationship to the Government. Do I use the day the new Senate sits for the first time as its Birth date? What about Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull, will regular astrological updates assist in reading the political ambience? I don’t know but I’m willing to explore these possibilities.

Thanks to all who have supported me in my astrological deliberations. I do this because it’s fun and because I now know there are others who find it interesting I may continue exploring this incredible and mysterious mode of “knowing” in Australian politics.



Predicting Election Results with Astrology

April 1, 2016

The chances of accurately predicting an election by pollsters and journalists are pretty dismal. If I toss a coin, there’s a 50:50 chance of being right. That’s not bad compared to some political commentators’ predictions.

A few years ago I came across an interesting article that said nearly 80% of astrologers who attempted, accurately predicted the 2012 USA Election outcome at least 3 months and one 26 years before hand! In his 1976 book “The Astrological Chart of the United States, from 1776 to 2141” Gar Osten wrote that the year 2012 would see the “re-election of the incumbent president”.

Intrigued I looked further into it because an 80% correct result is not bad considering most mainstream media had written Obama off before the election. A prediction 26 years beforehand is mind blowing.

I looked into each of the astrologers’ forecasting methods and predictive techniques. I wanted to filter out all approaches that were foreign to my approach and/or would require a level of expertise I didn’t have. By the end of this looking I found one I could adapt to my approach.

It was the simplest.

Now, I’m aware that most of you reading this have a critical and sceptical view on astrology.

For this reason, I’ve wracked my brains over how to structure what I want to say about the coming election because I use astrology as a tool for understanding life. If I wasn’t using this tool to make sense of current political atmospherics and wrote an opinion piece instead, I’d have no worries. For some reason the mention of astrology gets peoples’ backs up and they immediately throw an Art that works with Time into the recycle bin.

Most people are happy to read opinions and commentary based on other biased opinions and commentary churned out in mainstream media. An opinion based on astronomical data ie number, generated by an active imaginative interpretation of this is “superstitious”. However, an opinion based from within a Press Gallery Reality Bubble is not. Is the Press Gallery commentary scientific? No, just an opinion embalmed in a mainstream media consensus reality.

The stars and planets I’m concerned with are archetypal forces (Carl Jung), mytho-poetic currents within humanity. Astrology for me is a means of exploring the edges of rational thought as it touches the unknown. The horoscope is like a semi permeable membrane, it can suspend the ordinary associative processes of the mind and allow a different kind of attention to manifest. This attention, striking off from the symbolic elements of the horoscope gives a different kind of mind environment. Psychologists call it imagination.

JUng collective unconscious

Diagram from:

This way of looking at astrology is not accepted by most astrologers because it banishes star forces, energies, vibrations etc of the external planets and stars. This way of looking at astrology is troublesome for many because it says there is NO intrinsic meaning to the planets. It also points the way to divination. Divinatory astrology puts it on par with other mantic arts – like Tarot and the I Ching. To many astrologers this is anathema because they like to consider it as a “science”.

Some have referred to this kind of astrology as Hermeneutic Astrology:

Hermeneutics is the study of meaning, of how we arrive at our interpretations of things. In the context of astrology the term implies a turning away from the common assumption that a fixed astrological meaning is simply “there”, in front of us, as some sort of fact of nature. The hermeneutic inquiry in astrology reveals the essential dependency of the meaning of symbols on the act of interpretation of that meaning. Seen in this way, horoscope interpretation involves something other than a supposed pre-existent meaning waiting to be decoded, and depends both on the context in which meaning is sought, as well as on the intentionality of the one making the interpretation.” (Cornelius, Geoffrey, C. 1994. “The Moment of Astrology: Origins in Divination”)

jung archetypes

I like to consider this way of looking at astrology as a poetic interpretation of astronomical data. Poetry from numbers and geometry – active imagination in action. The calculations and the process of symbolising are just a pretext to occupy the conscious mind. The complexity of nuance and context for symbolising engages the rational mind while the REAL work is done by the broader and more holistic unconscious. This unconscious insinuates “meaning” beyond the logical limits of rational “complexity”. So, my manner of working these “complexities” is to treat them as a long Zen Koan and the Sky Map – Horoscope as a Yantra.

One can explore consciousness and imagination deeper and look at the structures of mind and the material that appears as is done in various and diverse ways by Phenomenology. I just like to play on the edge of reason, that spot between sanity and insanity, where all the wild creatures are 😉

Sometimes, in flickering moments, astrologising can be vision. A “vision – feeling” into another world that is holographic in structure, energetic and alive. In these rare glimpses, a human and the universe are seen as the same organism. As above so below, Hermes Trismegistus says. A different relationship exists between things – or at least that is what appears when astrological Sun glasses are worn.

Here are two articles by Geoffrey Cornelius that point to a way I look at Astrology Practice “Astrology as Divination” and “Is Astrology Divination and Does it Matter?”

Below are posts in my blog which give further insight into my approach:

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I’m reminded of a Zen saying, “Don’t look at the finger pointing to the Moon, look at the Moon.”

All this astrological stuff is just a pointing finger.


Star Code Reading > Malcolm Turnbull & 2 July, 2016 Election

March 11, 2016

Australia Votes on  2 July, 2016.

When I did the Abbott readings I was lucky in that I also had his Time of Birth. With both Shorten and Turnbull there is no record of their Times of Birth. This means that one of the most significant signs in reading Astrological Charts – the “Angles” is missing.  This reading thus has crucial data missing but one must work with what one has. Even without that data, it is possible to get a “weather” forecast in the fog of the present.

Please see Australia’s Chart for more details regarding Time of Birth.

I will take the planets as passing over Canberra at 6 PM because that’s when most voting booths close in East Coast of Australia. We would be looking at about 85% of Australia’s population.

It’s important that we also look at what the planetary patterns are just leading up to that date.

This is not the place to argue the case for this ancient Art. If you are interested in how I perceive Astrology please click on these links on my blog.

Astrology is not science – it’s an Art. It uses astronomical data to alchemise meaning. It is a symbolic/mythic dowsing tool on dry number landscape. It sees quality in quantity informed by symbolism & mythology. In other words, it is a poetic interpretation of the Heavens above, a type of symbolic imagination in action.

Predicting Election Results with Astrology

Guerilla Ontology

An Experiment With Astrology and the I Ching 


An Astrological Turning 

Here are two articles by Geoffrey Cornelius that point to a way I look at Astrology Practice “Astrology as Divination” and “Is Astrology Divination and Does it Matter?”

I also “play” with the I Ching which informs the way I “play” with Astrology as divination.

I recommend if you want to know more about astrological symbolism as used here visit Wikipedia’s Horoscope .

This reading is based on just one technique of Astrological forecasting – reading transits. I will also look at other methods to see if there is a congruence of readings.

By the Way >> if my prediction is wrong, blame it on my reading, not the stars.

Turnbull Canberra 2 July 2016 with abbott turnbull face

Aust PMs Fire Earth

Abbott was the first Australian Prime Minister to be a Scorpio. Turnbull is the second. What is interesting is that he JUST makes it as a Scorpio. His Sun is 0 degrees 07 minutes Scorpio. In other words, he is less than a quarter of a degree away from being a Libra. This is why the picture in the centre of the chart above shows the two combined faces of Abbott and Turnbull.

It’s funny how this astrological coincidence also reflects itself in the policies of the “new” LNP. How? There is no difference between the “old” Abbott LNP and the “new” Turnbull LNP policy wise. So, it’s a perfect image of the current Prime Minister – a Janus faced leader who presents one  face to reactionary hard core Abbott Conservative dick heads and another to progressives who still believe he will bring compassion. Turnbull can’t and he won’t.

Turnbull Abbott Cartoon

Sydney Morning Herald 28 March, 2016 – Cathy Wilcox

We find that at the beginning the planetary patterns for Turnbull look positive but as we get closer to the Election we see that the Stars do not agree with the media “honeymoon” and that this will dissipate as we approach June.

By the end of  June we will witness Turnbull’s inner “despot” which is just as ugly as Abbott’s but more suave and nuanced. Media will probably skirt over it but the Australian people won’t be fooled.

The dates below are when the angles between the planets are EXACT. As the angle is approached the influence is stronger than after it is exact ie the period BEFORE the EXACT is stronger than AFTER the EXACT.

Please see Aspects and Angles, Orbs and Waxing/Waning for an explanation of how this works in Astrology in Australia’s Chart by clicking here.

10 March – 15 March, 2016 >> Mars sextile (60 degrees) Mars

Turnbull’s energy is high and it looks like it is in sync with the actions of others. T
his is a phase of accomplishment, and a good time to work on the budget.

29 March – 1 June >> Neptune trine (120 degrees) Saturn

Turnbull’s natural optimism finds resonance with this once-in-a-lifetime transit. It brings a healthy mix of idealism and realism and he is able to work very hard now in a practical fashion in order to realise his goals. He knows what he wants and what changes need to be made to achieve it. However, it doesn’t mean that he will be able to achieve what he wants because of the right wing members of his government. Never the less he is pursuing his aims in a positive frame of mind.

It may appear to others that he is denying his real ideals, but actually he just knows what can be done and doesn’t want to be burdened with fighting the right wing of his party. He sees this as excess baggage which can be left behind – for now.  Because of his sincerity and good judgement, he will gain the respect of his progressive peers.

A word of warning about Neptune. While it is associated symbolically with idealism and at times poetic sensibility and mysticism, it is also associated with delusion and gullibility. His Sun has a conjunction with Neptune. This means that they are nearly on top of each other. Remember the Grech Utegate affair and his $10 million grant to the Rain Maker – a nephew of Rupert Murdoch?

Turnbull, according to this planetary pattern has poor discernment and judgement.

So, whilst this aspect seems to auger well, it could also be he is deluding himself and the people with his “smooth” approach.

 24 March – 30 March, 2016 >> Mars sextile (60 degrees) Mars

Turnbull’s energy is high again and it looks like it is in sync with the actions of others. This is a phase of accomplishment, and a good time to work on the budget.

27 March, 2016 >> Mars conjunct (0 degrees) Venus

He is feeling “frisky” and flirtatious. His creative energies are strong. There could be arguments if people in his party don’t return his “positive” energy.

Roy Morgan Poll 28 March, 2018 >>

Morgan Poll 28 March 2016


I’m trying an experiment here with the April Star Code Readings. I am using shorter orbiting planets to give shorter time frame readings. I will post them just before the week coming up. 

April 3 to about April 10, 2016 >>  Mercury (the planet of Communication) is forming a pattern with 4 other planets – Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars that augers troubling communications between Turnbull, his Government and the Australian people.

April 3 – April 5 >> Mercury opposite (180 degrees) Neptune

His communication is mixed and confused, with much misunderstanding, if not deception. His thinking is foggy and he is more gullible, swayed by feelings, ideals rather than real situations as they are.

Think Grech Utegate but not as dangerous. Perhaps it points to his misplaced trust and loyalty to Arthur $inodino$ (To respect Bob Ellis last wish he asked people to write Sinodinos name in that manner.). This is one of the least favourable times for Turnbull to make policy decisions or react to events that require clear thinking.

From Australian Financial Review 1 April, 2016 >>

Twitter confused msgs

April  5 –  April 6 >> Mercury Square (90 degrees)  Uranus

Uranus is the planet of the unexpected so Turnbull needs to be flexible and as agile as he talks about so that he can think on his feet. He will be pulled in many directions jumping from one thing to another very quickly. He may scatter his energy doing this.

If Bill can find something to distract Turnbull even more it will be to ALP’s advantage.

On the positive side for Turnbull, he may come up with an original plan that may appear crazy at first but may come to be useful.

April  5 –  April 6 >> Mercury Square (90 degrees) Jupiter

In keeping with the other planets relationship with Mercury, this square to Jupiter points to a disinclination to look at all the details, fine print and all the facts of situations so there may be an error of judgement.

April  5 –  April 7 >> Mercury Square (90 degrees) Mars

Turnbull will make errors in haste, he may speak too forcefully, use sharp words on impulse. Accidents may occur due to restlessness and impatience.

He feels that he has to fight for what he wants or believes in, and he is very clear, decisive, and convincing right now, but he also tends to stir up more controversy or competitive feelings than is really necessary.

4 April,2016  >> Herald Sun   Malcolm Turnbull’s a Dud

Turnbull dud Herald Sun 4 April

April 16 – Apr 18, 2016 >> Sun Square (90 degrees) Uranus

Parliament Recalled April 18, 2016

Turnbull’s  usual routine is likely to be disrupted now, either by “freak” accidents beyond his control or by his own impatience with the status quo. This impatiance is shown by his push to have the ABCC legislation through so that he gets his Double Dissolution Election. Stars show sudden unexpected events, and breaking free of confining situations and relationships are very  likely. This could be the recalling of Parliament, an even that hasn’t happened in over 30 years.

April 18 –  April 19, 2016 >> Sun Square (90 degrees) Jupiter

Turnbull feels optimistic and possibly extravagant now. He is less cautious than usual, feeling that nothing can possibly go wrong.  If he is inclined to go to excesses in any manner, this tendency is exaggerated at this time.

April 18 –  April 20, 2016 >>  Sun Opposite (180 degrees) Sun

This is a time for him to  get others’ opinions and feedback about himself and what he is doing. Relationships of all types are activated now and cooperation, compromise, and adjustments to others’ viewpoints are key issues that require his attention. If he compromises with the hard right of LNP we may see him push their agenda. This depends on the strength of the moderates. However, we must remember Howard got rid of most of them.

April 20 – April 22, 2016 >>  Sun Square (90 degrees) Mars

Turnbull feels he knows just what he wants right now and woe to anyone or anything that gets in his way!

He is much more likely to become domineering, pushy, or inconsiderate of others now. Accidents, mistakes made in haste, or ego conflicts may occur due to his impatience and wilfulness.

Positively, his physical energy is high and he could accomplish a great deal.

April 26 – Apr 27, 2016 >>  Venus Opposite (180 degress) Neptune

This planetary pattern brings out Turnbull’s more dreamy side. One can say his more idealistic, tolerant, and selfless side in his relationships. This may  cause him to act against his own interests. However, his own interests, since he is Prime Minister and Leader of LNP are broader than just himself.

Decisions involving policy or important commitments, therefore, should probably be made some other time. Remember also that Neptune is an important planet for him because of its proximity to the Sun.

April 30 – May 1, 2016 >>  Sun Opposite (180 degrees) Saturn

Turnbull will feel that circumstances, other people, or the whole world is against him. He will feel overwhelmed by demands, outside pressures, or his responsibilities and he will be looking at his position with serious doubt or pessimism.

Others don’t seem to help, even if they try to. He needs to be alone pursuing some solitary activity or to reflect on his situation. He probably won’t be able to get away to do this because of his responsibilities. He is not a happy chap.

This does not auger well for the release of Federal Budget on 3 May, 2016.

13 May, 2016 – Interesting observation made by Eddy Jokovich that Turnbull admits he’s going to lose because the Election Campaign material does not mention the Liberal Party but just the Turnbull Coalition Team label.

Twitter Turnbull's Party from newpolitics dot com

4 June, 2016 >> Mars trine (120 degrees) Uranus

There are changes in the wind as Turnbull replaces outworn elements (they could be MP’s or policies) with “exciting” new facets. He feels he can accomplish the extraordinary.

7 June – 23 July, 2016 >> Mars square (90 degrees) Pluto

 This pattern has been in the background for a while now, like a barely audible drumbeat. This drumbeat has an  Abbott “tone”. Now we can hear it loud and clear. Turnbull’s inner despot may appear if he is challenged by his colleagues over any of the changes he wishes to implement.

We may witness angry scenes and disharmony. The apparent “unity of purpose” of the LNP  Government Turnbull wants to show the Australian people may be exposed as bull shit.

It is this pattern which forecasts Turnbull’s chances of winning the Election are poor.

Twitter Turnbull Abbott rear view mirror


This reading is based on just one technique of Astrological forecasting – reading transits. I will also look at other methods to see if there is a congruence of readings.

Turnbull’s Election chart is a strange combination of positive and negative – like sweet and sour sauce. Everything looks like it is going beautifully and smoothly. However, underneath this facade, which our mainsteam media ignore, is the presence of the Right Wing Crusaders who cannot bear Turnbull. Abbott is their mascot and as we approach July in the weeks before, things may explode for his government.

Given the positive reading of Shorten’s chart and comparing it with this Turnbull chart, I conclude that Bill Shorten will win the election  on 2 July, 2016.

I will also look at other techniques to see if there is agreement with these readings.

A Note on Timing Events

A principle that many people confuse is how synchronicity appears. Carl Jung coined this term to label experiences which may not be connected causally but are connected subjectively by being meaningful to the person.

With synchronicity the elements of experience which are connected subjectively show that correlation is not necessarily causation. So, just because skirt hems go up doesn’t mean that this causes stock prices to go up (Skirt Length Theory). This is just an interesting correlation.

 Celestial phenomena can be seen acting as signs rather than causes. Just as a clock on the wall is capable of telling you that it is 9:00 in the morning without actually being the cause or reason that it is 9:00,the planets may be similarly thought to be capable of giving signs of future events without necessarily being the reason that those events occur.

So with Astrology just because certain planetary patterns coincide with certain events does not mean that these planetary patterns cause the events!

Timing events in Astrology  seeks the time when certain planet orbits and angles between the planets happen. When certain angles eg conjunction (0 degrees between two planets), opposition (180 degrees) and squares (90 degrees) happen exactly then an event congruent with the planet may happen. This does NOT mean that this combination of planetary motion caused the event. It is a happy coincidence 🙂

The larger the orbits of the planets the longer the time which is covered in the reading. So, a Pluto / Jupiter angle can cover a very long period of time but a Moon / Mercury a very short time.

These readings have only looked at relatively long spans of time like months and weeks.  I may take a closer look later when we are sure about the election date with shorter time frames.

planets orbits time

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