Turnbull’s April 9 to 18 May, 2018 from an Astrological Perspective.

April 8, 2018

There’s a lot of pressure on Turnbull right now from an Astrological perspective. This will be particularly so from 28 April to about 28 May, 2018. This post will cover what the transits reveal until 18 May. Around that time I will post some info on the his transits until end of June, 2018.

This is the chart I’m working from:

Turnbull transits with labelsJPG

Last year in August I wrote the following about Turnbull’s transits:

Turnbull Uranus Square Uranus

Well, guess what – it’s square again. For those not familiar with astro terms square means¬† that a planet is in a 90 degrees angle to another planet. In this case the position of Uranus passes over the position of Turnbull’s Uranus at the time of his birth in a 90 degree angle.¬† The same feelings that were elicited or were present last August are here again now. This forms like a backdrop in his mind and heart to the other planetary formations appearing now.

1) Uranus Square (90 degrees) Jupiter culminates on 28 April.

We are witnessing this transit right now as Uranus approaches the 90 degree (square) angle to his Jupiter. This occurs twice in a person’s life in each 84 year cycle of Uranus. Uranus is very unpredictable & it may show a rebellious streak in Turnbull where he may make a statement against the push by the so called “Monash” group for coal. Why? Just to stick it to them because that’s what square Uranus influence can do. There’s also signs of impatience with the conservative “establishment” in LNP which may prompt him to jump to hasty conclusions & through a lack of “common sense” he may demand the right to follow his own beliefs.

2) Mars Square (90 degrees) Neptune culminates on 7 May.

He may have feelings of malice & be discouraged. He may even want to take evasive action during this phase. His vitality is low.

3) Mars Opposite (180 degrees) Uranus culminates on 10 May.

The urge to break free is irresistible now. He may show some weird behaviour. Weird in that it is not normal behaviour for him. The kind of behaviour that was mentioned in last years August reading excerpted above.

4) Mars Opposite (180 degrees) Jupiter: culminates 14 May

He may display a certain foolish overconfidence or boorish behaviour which is out of perceived character that could undo some of his good works.

5) Mars square (90 degrees) Sun: culminates 16 May

Turnbull is alert to any challenge, and ready to fight. he should avoid irritations and anger because they could undo him now.

6) Uranus Opposite (180 degrees) Sun: Culminates 18 May

If any sudden changes happen they will happen under this transit, which occurs only once in each 84-year cycle of Uranus. Whether or not they will be positive largely depends on Turnbull’s response to the need for these changes. It won’t matter if he resists or not the changes will take place anyway. However, if Turnbull resists he will lose any control of what may eventuate. The most constructive use of this transit is to go with the flow and to co-operate with the changes that are occurring around him. It could be better for his inner world – his conscience – if it looks like he will be knocked off as leader to just accept it. Already there is that siren call of just moving on mentioned in August’s reading and playing in the background of his mind now.

Under this transit relationships and friendships end as do positions one holds – like the Prime Ministership.

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