Review of Aug 3 Reading Turnbull’s Hot August Blues

I am learning quite a few lessons in playing with Political Astrology. One thing I’ve learnt is not to be stuck on particular issues and events because these change quickly. Rather than looking at the external events of the moment I have to look at the emotional “ambience” of the politician over a period of time.


When we look at our weather apps we find probabilities for rain and general descriptions of overall weather for day and week.  It gets harder to forecast weather over a week in the future.

So, instead of giving specific particular events highlighted by the passing planetary angles to the person’s chart (Transits) maybe it would be better to give probabilities of metaphoric “rainy” and “sunny” days/weeks/period.

It just happens that the last post on Turnbull’s August days had indications which showed a very “rainy” period ahead. In fact the transits showed a hurricane rather than just a storm. And events proved that right. Things have been very heavy for Turnbull especially with the dual citizenship crap.

So, from now on – no more SPECIFIC events but rather a general vibe of where things are heading – just like a long term weather forecast 🙂


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