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Some general observations:

Since Federation, fire and earth signs have been in charge for 96 years out of a possible 112.

The first Scorpio Prime Minister was Tony Abbott and the second Malcolm Turnbull.

Bill Shorten is a Taurus which is an Earth sign and Tanya Plibersek Deputy Leader is Sagittarius – a Fire sign.

Time of Birth Issues

The reality is that if the Time of Birth is not known then precise readings are not possible. In Astrology, some of the most important signs are the Angles which are determined by an accurate Time of Birth. Most astrologers consider the transits of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto to the Angles, the Ascendant and Midheaven, to be among the most important transits in a person’s life.

However an error in the birth time of just 15 minutes can make the timing of these transits to Angles off by a minimum of two months (when the outer planet is moving quickly and the ascendant sign is of long ascension — like Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio in Northern latitudes) to over one year if the outer planet is moving slowly (i.e. near its station), to a maximum of seven years for someone with Pisces or Aries, short ascension signs in the Northern Hemisphere, rising!

In other words, unless the birth time is very accurate, the timing of transits to Angles must be considered impossible to determine with any precision.

However, if we only consider the angles between planets (aspects) we may get a picture of what may lay ahead – maybe a bit fuzzy about the timing, but at least something.

There will be  links to the charts  showing the transiting planets over their charts during July, August, Sept and October because we do not have a date for the Election as of this writing. When we know the date I can then concentrate & focus on that date to gain a clearer picture.

Aspects and Angles, Orbs and Waxing/Waning


The orb of an aspect is how far from exact it is. For example, a square aspect is 90 degrees. If 2 planets are separated by 91 degrees (or by 89 degrees) then the 2 planets are in square aspect with a 1 degree orb. In other words they are 1 degree from being in exact square aspect.

The larger the orb, the weaker the aspect. An aspect with a small orb is very powerful. Some astrologers use much larger orbs than others. The allowable orb for a square aspect is believed by some astrologers to be as little as 2 or 3 degrees, and by some to be as large as 10 or 12 degrees.

Although this difference of opinion may be great, probably it is not as great as it seems because virtually all astrologers agree that the narrower orb makes the aspect much more powerful so astrologers who use very small orbs like to focus their interpretation on influences that are really powerful and salient in the person’s life.


An applying aspect is an aspect that is becoming stronger, while a separating aspect is one that is becoming weaker.

For example, suppose that a person has the Moon 89 degrees ahead of the Sun in the birthchart. Because the Moon always travels faster than the Sun and it is 89 degrees ahead of the Sun, then we know that it is in the process of becoming more exact; in other words it is an applying aspect.

On the other hand, if the Moon was 91 degrees of the Sun, the square aspect would be separating. Some astrologers feel that an applying aspect is more significant than a separating aspect because the applying aspect is more powerful and a more pressing challenge for the person whereas the waning aspect is not as critical, more of a waning issue in a person’s life.

Most astrologers, however, do not put a great deal of emphasis (or any emphasis at all) on whether an aspect is applying or separating.


A waxing aspect occurs when an aspect formed as the faster planet moves towards being opposition from the slower planet, and a waning aspect occurs when the faster planet is returning back to conjunction to the slower planet.

Examples: If the Sun is at 10 degrees of Gemini and the Moon is at 9 degrees of Leo, this is an applying, waxing aspect with a 1 degree orb because the faster planet (the Moon) is heading towards the exact sextile aspect (applying), and it is moving from conjunction towards opposition (waxing). If the Moon is at 11 degrees of Leo, it is separating and waxing also with a 1 degree orb. if the Moon is at 9 degrees of Aries, it is applying and waning with a 1 degree orb, and if the Moon is at 11 degrees of Aries, then it is separating and waning also with a 1 degree orb.

Enjoy  🙂



This is not the place to argue the case for this ancient Art. If you are interested in how I perceive Astrology please click on these links on my blog.

Astrology is not science – it’s an Art. It uses astronomical data to alchemise meaning. It is a symbolic/mythic dowsing tool on dry number landscape. It sees quality in quantity informed by symbolism & mythology. In other words, it is a poetic interpretation of the Heavens above, a type of symbolic imagination in action.

Predicting Election Results with Astrology

Guerilla Ontology

An Experiment With Astrology and the I Ching 


An Astrological Turning 

Here are two articles by Geoffrey Cornelius that point to a way I look at Astrology Practice “Astrology as Divination” and “Is Astrology Divination and Does it Matter?”

I also “play” with the I Ching which informs the way I “play” with Astrology as divination.

I recommend if you want to know more about astrological symbolism as used here visit Wikipedia’s Horoscope .

By the Way >> if my prediction is wrong, blame it on my reading, not the stars.

Bill Shorten

Malcolm Turnbull



Aust Natal SF

The Commonwealth of Australia was sworn in on 1 January, 1901 about 1:35 PM in Sydney.

Australia is a Capricorn with an Aries Ascendant.

Capricorn Sun

Is in 9th House which shows  Australia’s character (the Sun) matures through and is dependent on cultural diversity. Australia is a self reliant and independent country except for the strange anomoly of having a British Monarchy as Head of State.

Sun conjunct (0°) Saturn.

This anomaly can be explained in part by Saturn conjunct the Sun.  Saturn in the sign of Capricorn signifies conservative values play a strong role in Australia’s people. We are pragmatic so we do embrace new ideas if they are practical. We take up new technology faster than any other country.

The “cultural cringe” Australians suffer from stems for this placement of Saturn so close to the Sun. However, this doesn’t mean we are not able to put ourselves “out there” and succeed. Australia acts with decisiveness, determination and perseverance.

Aries Ascendant

Australians are frank, pioneering, headstrong and self reliant.We revel in anything that enables us  to take the initiative, avoiding following other people’s lead in preference for striking out into new territory.

This is emphasized in the chart with the Sun and the planet Mars coming  into contact showing that Australians are hard working and energetic, able to tackle most challenges with confidence and a positive attitude.

We  like to be first.We value challenges, particularly those that test us physically and  mentally. We love our sport!

Mars in 5th House 45 degrees Pluto and Uranus

Having Aries as the Ascendant means Australia’s Ruling Planet is Mars which is in the 5th House.  Mars has a 45 degree aspect with both Pluto and Uranus. This shows that through application and effort Australia attains great goals. Though small in population, Australia attains results expected from a much larger country as this aspect leverages flecks of genius. This aspect also shows why Australians are assertive and blunt, that the upheld middle finger is prominant and we never cower to those who wish to lord it over us. It also shows why we are powerful and have some of the world’s greatest sports people.

This also shows why we are willing to go to war as allies of the USA at a drop of a hat – Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Having Mars in the 5th House and Jupiter (8th House) opposing Neptune (2nd House) explains our place as one of the world’s greatest gambling nations and our love for risk taking. This also is a weakness and the ensuing rampant speculation  causes house prices to sky rocket in major cities and the huge boom-busts in the mining industry.

This Mars placement also shows our love for competitive sports and athletics.

Australians have to be careful and not over indulge in rich food, alcohol (Australians are big drinkers compared with other countries) and expensive toys because this placement also shows a tendency to go overboard.

Mars in the sign of Virgo and being placed in the 5th House shows a great interest in scientific pursuits, especially medicine. We are world leaders in things scientific.

Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius shows an open, enthusiastic love of life that is infecti0us along with a generous nature. Jupiter in Sagittarius shows an enjoyment in exploring different cultures, religions and beliefs. Another sign that Multiculturalism is Australia’s destiny.

It  also shows a love of sport.

Mercury conjunct (0°) Jupiter. This shows  common sense, a constructive intellect and optimism abound in Australians.

Jupiter opposite (180°)  Neptune. This aspect shows us as dreamers. It also shows our love for all things druggy. Yes, Australians are the biggest users of psychoactive drugs in the world.

Neptune opposing Jupiter instigates this along with making us spectacular speculators.

Venus conjunct (0°) Uranus  This makes us extravagant .We are wasteful and we produce four times more greenhouse gases per head of population than Europeans do. Yes, we believe in Climate Change and taking action to alleviate it, while we own the biggest houses in the world, but we baulk if we have to pay for it. A classic example of this is Australians’ reaction to the Carbon Price.



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