Star Code Reading > Abbott & Possible Easter Spill

Someone on Twitter  asked me what I thought about a current  Canberra rumour. Apparently,  Abbott will  attempt to knock over Turnbull around Easter, 2016. I had to  look at his chart again just to see if this was possible.  Here’s the Tweet that sparked it all:

Abbott April 2016 spill

Before I jump into it I’d like to say a few words about what all this astro stuff does for me in the political context. We all have opinions and feelings about news items, rumours, gossip and maybe real inside info.  I like to pass  these through a “numerological” filter because it gives structure to my feelings, guesses and ideas. It is no more than that – a filter which supplies me with a basis for guessing outcomes.  Please read my post on Guerilla Ontology for clarification.

My last post on Abbott predicted his downfall and so it happened.  Whilst the date was a little off, it was still better than the “expert” political commentators who get paid to surmise and synthesise insider political tidbits of info into a comprehensive vision of what may happen. The tidbits an astrologer has is the birthday, time and location of birth. That’s it!  Of course the interpretation depends on the astrologer’s skill.

Below is a combined chart of Abbott’s horoscope in the centre with the chart of 1 April, 2016 in Canberra.  I picked Canberra because that is where Australian Federal politics happen.  I chose 12.00AM because it’s all one big guess as to what time if anything will happen. However, given the motion of planets a few weeks, days or hours don’t matter that much.  I’m trying to see the “emotional weather” within Abbott’s being.

Abbott April 2016 transits

For most of you this chart means zilch but for others  familiar with astrology it says a lot.

Saturn conjunct Saturn: 17 January 2016 – the Great Saturn Return

The first thing to notice is the Great Saturn Return. It’s interesting that this rumor should be out and about on this date because it is the first exact conjunction (meaning same place) of Saturn over Abbott’s Saturn at time of his birth.

This transit indicates Saturn has made a complete revolution around a chart (and the Sun), bringing its stabilising and maturing influence to each part of one’s  life.  Life decisions are made  based on what we want rather than what others think we should do.  The increased responsibility and lessons Saturn brings are annoying  “growing pains” if taken the right way or catastrophic if not.  This happens every 29 – 30 years and is one of the most powerful  signs of either great positive change about to happen or great pain if you are not living in “good faith”.

This transit both begins and ends a new cycle in terms of career. Whatever steps anyone takes during this transit greatly affects their future. So, for Abbott his emotional weather will include the feeling of “do it now or die” that comes with the second Saturn Return (about 58 – 59 years of age). He may also feel he is making up lost time and therefore having to work hard and make every minute count to build the next step of his career.  Abbott has a huge ego and he will have his legacy in mind and what the history books will record about him.

He will also feel he doesn’t have to put up with unsatisfactory conditions and circumstances which do not fit his political vision and of his future legacy. He won’t be scared of leaving behind outdated people and connections from his life because he feels their passing will only make room for the new. Indeed, he will feel that cutting his ties from what is expected of him will facilitate his own growth. He feels how scary such an attitude is but the changes are needed more than ever.

Abbott is a warrior. He will feel in his guts and heart the only thing to do now is to take on Turnbull if he is true to his conscience. It may sound like crap to us but in his heart and mind he believes his conservatism that includes the monarchy – Queen and Country – Sir Philip is the right thing for Australia. As far he is concerned Turnbull is Labor Lite and a disgusting social progressive who will not only bring in a Republic but also legalise same sex marriage. Both of these are anathema to Abbott’s vision of Australia.

From just looking at Abbott’s Saturn Return I think he will take on Turnbull and if he doesn’t win he will create a new right wing party. This new Right Wing Down Under Tea Party headed by Tony Abbott may win Senate seats. Abbott’s intention is to ensure Conservative control of Upper House, so even if he is not PM he still has a major say in what happens to Australia politically.

Now let’s look at other important signs.

Saturn sextile Ascendant: 3 February 2016

The Ascendant is an important part of a chart. It is one of 4 Angles and anything that touches on the Angles has a strong influence. The Ascendant is where we show our face, it is the Mask, the Personality we present to the world.

Since it is Saturn which is making an impact on this Angle and given our previous statements about Abbott’s Saturn Return, this aspect shows Abbott will be clarifying his views of himself through others’ eyes. He will be seeking out other peoples’ opinions of himself as a person (primarily as Leader) and as a valuable contributor to the conservative cause.

With Saturn here it indicates he will be getting advice from older people. I wouldn’t be surprised that these will include Howard, Pell, Flint and the ghost of B A Santamaria.

Abbott will be taking his role in Australian society very seriously now. He will be conscious of patterns in his life and will become more disciplined in his approach rather than fall into habitual patterns of behaviour. He will feel that whatever he does during this period will affect his future prospects for years to come. In fact, he will feel it will affect his future image for centuries to come from his legacy as recorded in Australian History.

With this transit he will not be feeling happy and care free but rather there is a huge weight of Australia’s future culture on his shoulders.

Uranus oppose Jupiter: 4 March 2016

This transit occurs only once in each 84-year cycle of Uranus and is a time for Abbott to proceed with caution.  He will likely be presented with many new challenges not including those he will seek out for his legacy. Sudden changes will occur that will require his immediate action.  Sudden gains or losses are possible at this time.  Which one it will be, depends largely on how much Abbott is paying attention. He may feel like he’s catching a great wave while surfing in his budgie snugglers but his timing may be out and he may get dumped – big time.

His warrior disposition and attitude will allow him to take on big risks as he is building his support base to take Turnbull on. His big ego will make him feel overly optimistic. The promises he will make to his support base may not be as easy to keep as he thinks. His feeling that everything is destined to go his way is not worth it because this transit is not particularly lucky.

Jupiter sextile Mercury: 9 March 2016

Abbott has an unusually sharp mind now and can communicate his ideas to others very clearly.  It is an excellent time for planning and strategizing, and he will exercise good judgement in making decisions.  He is very sure of himself and should obtain a good level of support.

His friends will bring good news and maybe even bring Abbott new political opportunities.  He may receive a communication from someone out of his past who will encourage his endeavor to topple Turnbull.

In general, this transit is excellent  for all kinds of communication, both in politics  and socially. Since it is also a good transit for writing and publishing we may see one or more articles in NewsCorpse.

For the doubters in Liberal National Party during this transit it is more likely Abbott could achieve a meeting of minds now.  Since he is more confident and optimistic, he is more willing to compromise.

Abbott’s keen attention to detail allows him  to make successful plans now.  This is the influence of Jupiter and Abbott can if he is motivated use these increased mental capabilities to further his plans to topple Turnbull.

Mars square Pluto: 12 March 2016

This combination can allow Abbott’s true inner despot to appear if challenged. There could be angry scenes and potential “violence”. This transit shows Abbott’s chances of winning the Leadership from Turnbull are poor.


From looking at Abbott’s chart his plan to topple Turnbull at Easter, 2016 won’t last the distance. It seems that by mid – end of March events will conspire to expose the angry authoritarian Abbott. This may be the beginning of the split in LNP with Abbott leading a far right new party. The purpose of this new Party is to get as many seats in the Senate so that Abbott and his Conservative arsehole dinosaurs control the political destiny of our country. He only needs to win a few seats to have balance of power in the Senate.

By the way, I hope he does try to win leadership back from Turnbull because the chaos that will ensue from that action will be marvelous to behold. Abbott is deluded  and has many traits of a sociopath.

The astrological reading above may only happen because he has crazy egotistic tendencies. The more he fucks up, the more likely we will see the end of LNP government – the party of the 1%ers.


5 Responses to Star Code Reading > Abbott & Possible Easter Spill

  1. Olim says:

    Hi Stavro. Liked your article, its incisive and humorous. No doubt Abbott will be conveying, invoking ghosts dead or alive. B A Santa Maria and all the other nut-jobs in saffron robes. Mostly my guess is he will be dismissed behind the scenes by sycophants who he foolishly views as allies. Bottom line he is too hot to handle and the the public who supported him are increasingly disabused of their rose coloured glasses and his docile ‘im your friendly uncle, I will look after … BS persona stance, much like the moron Howard.

    Even in his earliest days of office and his time at Syd Uni, he was viewed as THE resident nutter and control freak. A notorious mysogynist also.

    Abbott also IMO has a huge bone to pick, mostly with himself. He then projects this outwardly (a kind of displacement). Basically hes an angry man with a saviour complex. He really hasn’t grown up. I feel sorry for his three daughters. Maybe one of them will step up and clear the cobwebs from his delusions. Thats my two cent psyche analysis anyway.

    In anycase, all these pollies have their hands tied (Bob Brown more recently was great) The larger rest are just playing along to the puppeteers tunes.

    I kinda hope the tonedamn is planning an assault. I think its going to interesting and hilarious. Lots of cognitive dissonance all around ;

  2. stavr0s says:

    Thanks for comment. I kinda feel sorry for his daughters and his wife. I say kinda because one of his daughters got that $60,000 competitive scholarship for a Diploma in Fashion which no one else knew about.

    I haven’t made a big deal of it but many times when I look at Abbott’s chart there are signs of marital disharmony. I’m wondering how Marge still hangs out with him let alone shares a bed with him.

    Mainstream media has been far too kind to Abbott and has let him off so many times. I think it’s because they’re embaressed they supported him before the last election and they can’t bring themselves to say how wrong they were.

    If Abbott decides to have a go at toppling Turnbull it will be a great show and the cognitive dissonance will be hilarious to witness!

    • Olim says:

      Yep. the daughter involved may not have known about his interference initially. It was a low greedy act given there were countless students more worthy and poor. Also she, Abbs daughter didnt show any sympathy for Freya Newman. Just made some condescending comments like “… all is forgiven …” , when Freya was facing jail and vilification for doing the right thing.

      Absolutely right about MSM ‘supporting’ him and backing off, under strict instruction from Murdoch & co. Panderers and pan handlers who just want to stay in their compromised petty jobs.

      Even without looking at charts, its clear Marge is miserable.
      She needs out. Will do him good also. Then he can hook up with Pauline Hanson after that palavi has had her sex change.

      Bring show the ON!

  3. Thank you very interesting indeed. I always said Rudd and Abbott were like twins and Rudd kept Trying to come back ….Yes Bring it on show LNP for who they really are bring out all the Dirty Laundry..

    • stavr0s says:

      Thanks for reminding me of similarity between Rudd and Abbott. They’re both narcissists & both have a messiah like idea of themselves. Abbott’s takes on a more theological theme because of his Roman Catholicism I think he sees over”tones” of the Resurrection at Easter about his leadership.

      Obviously it is all delusions of grandeur because he cannot see what others see due to his immense ego. So, let’s hope his madness pushes him over the edge and he tries to topple Turnbull. It would be fun to see.

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